The leading Mobile Marketing Solution. 

Created in 2015, our team has focus every single day since the start to build, test and improve our in-house mobile advertising platform.

ROI-based optimizations

Actions are more important than installs. Today clients look for customers more than installs and therefore we only push sources that meet the ROI KPIs.

Fraud-controlled environment

Our Fraud prevention tool protects your budget and stops mobile ad fraud in real time. Reach your ROI goals without paying for fraudulent users. 

A senior & dedicated team

Any team member of Mobngage is here to meet and answer your demands ; specific reports, customized data...Customer service is too much forgotten this days, but we wont. 

Acquire revenue generating app users. Anywhere.

Your ROI targets drive our acquisition. 
We will start by spending time to understand your KPIs and set them into our platform. After the launch of the campaign, any post-install event will be analyzed and crossed with a cohort analysis in order to optimize media buying strategy.

Our traffic is worldwide and diversified.
We buy on direct SDK sources, all over the world for our main verticals: M-commerce, Gaming, Travel, Dating, Entertainment..

Fraudulent app installs detection

Our internal technology is our main asset against fraud. 
The ressources we put on it and the volume of campaigns we were able to test it on has made the difference with any other service.

How do we SPOT fraud ? 

Our  fraud prevention tool has been developed by a senior developing & engineering team that has seen fraud evolve over the past decade. We measure:

  1. Stolen traffic: click injection & click spamming
  2. Fake traffic: SDK Spoofing & bot traffic
  3. Any alarming traffic: suspicious IPs, domain names, UDIDs, jailbroken devices...

How do we STOP fraud ?

Once our algorithms spot suspicious traffic, we:

  1. investigate
  2. block
  3. & blacklist the source

Simple price

Performance is our DNA. We don't want to propose anything less simple than a business model where you only pay for results ; from install to actions.


Cost per install - Pay only for users that installed and opened your app

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Cost per engagement/per action - Pay only for users that do specific in-app actions

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