Over 45 clients worldwide

Our team is international and works with every timezones. We put a high effort in answering as quickly as we can and to any custom demands. 

3 years retention average

Since the beginning of our adventure, we are very proud to maintain such a low turnover in our clients. We believe in giving the best to fewer clients, in order to maintain them as long as possible with us.

"Quality of the product & the service"

When we asked all our clients to take a quick survey early 2019, that's what came up the most as our added value: The quality users we bring them, along with the quality of client service we offer. 

"Mobngage has changed our view of mobile acquisition"

Charles Decaux, Marketing Director @Very Chic

Thanks to our real-time optimizations driven by ROI, Very Chic
achieved their targets on high volumes in 6 countries of Europe.

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